Client Testimonials


“Each time we run our Open Days, the quality of our patients is improving. We definitely say: don’t have any reservations. Denteel will guide you through the first months, even guide them through dealing with the calls.”

Doctor Harv Singh Hyare
Director at Andrew Lee Dental (acquired from prior owners in 2022)

Thanks to Denteel we’ve achieved a positive ROI… In any kind of marketing, this is what you hope for, that there’s some kind of return. Yeah it’s helped us, It’s helped us definitely.

“Since we started Google Ads and SEO last year, the number of new patients joining the practice and who are aware of the practice is definitely a big improvement. So I can honestly say it’s worked for us.

Dr Andrew Lee & Dr Louise Roebuck
Andrew Lee Dental Practice

“Previously, I was doing, you know, maybe a day a week of Invisalign, probably not even that. I’d say now my diary’s, 50% to 75% Invisalign

Once we started the marketing, I wasn’t quite sure what type of patients we were going to get in, whether it was just going to be people going around all the different practices and comparing us. But actually, we didn’t get that at all. And we’ve got a lot more patients from doing it. And almost all of them have gone ahead with it as well.

Doctor Neeraj Bali
Director of Easter Ross Dental

“I was first of all happy that the patients are coming. At least some marketing agency was delivering… when the problem comes you jump into that and you solve it with your heart.”


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